I find peace in transit, the hums of accents and foreign languages across the aisle, with a foot in each world.  Growing up in six countries, I use storytelling to share what connects us and advocate for social change.


As a freelance writer, I work to expand South Asian and international narratives, with bylines in the Washington Post, BBC Culture, Fast Company, Quartz and more. I also manage the event series Defining Desi, which builds an inclusive space for South Asians and allies to connect with their culture.

In response to the 2016 immigration ban, I created Unapologetically Muslim, a 82-page trend report to explore the power and influence of Muslim women around the world and explain how people and brands can thoughtfully support them. Over the years, Unapologetically Muslim has become a global movement, with coverage from Teen Vogue, Dazed, The Drum and Campaign US. It has developed into a community page on Instagram where Muslim women can reclaim their narratives by sharing their stories, and a photo series on the front page of Refinery29 celebrating South Asian Muslim creatives and how their identity influences their art.

For my work around identity and inclusion, I've been recognized with the ADCOLOR Rising Star Award, the Campaign Female Frontier Award and a place on The Drum 50 Under 30 list. I've also spoken about creativity and culture on podcasts and at events.

Outside of work, I am a jazz singer, poet and DIY enthusiast. I love meeting new people — reach out if you'd like to collaborate, feature my work, or commission me!


I have lived all around the world (Kolkata, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Edinburgh, Jakarta, Boston and New York)


I was a published author at 16 in Chicken Soup for the Soul

I am a jazz singer who has toured in Spain

In 2019, I was lucky enough to interview M. Night Shyamalan in front of 1300 people