I find peace in transit, the hums of accents and foreign languages across the aisle,

strangers speaking in tongues I cannot reach. Growing up in six countries, I have always

treasured storytelling and learning from others' lives.


I grew up as a bookworm who quickly realized that my life and identity were not represented in anything I read. This set my mission: to positively impact representation for people with more complicated definitions of identity. I'm working towards that goal through writing articles and building communities around identity and allyship.

As a South Asian woman and third culture kid, I have created a space for my community to come together through Defining Desi, an event series centering South Asian voices, and volunteer with the anti-domestic violence nonprofit Sakhi for South Asian Women.


As an ally to other communities, I released the trend report & photo series Unapologetically Muslim to explore the power and influence of Muslim women around the world, and teach marketers how to thoughtfully work with them.

Outside of work, I am a jazz singer, knitter, poet and minimalist-in-progress. 

I love meeting new people — please reach out if you'd like to chat or collaborate.


I have lived all around the world (Kolkata, Mumbai, Hong Kong,

Ho Chi Minh City, Edinburgh, Jakarta, Boston and currently New York)


I was a published author at 16 in Chicken Soup for the Soul

I am a jazz singer who has toured in Spain

Recently, I was lucky enough to interview M. Night Shyamalan in front of 1300 people